What To Do When Your Guy Wants #Man-Polish. (Get Him the Best.)

In Our Modern World Both Men and Women are Into Nail Polish Designs.

Maybe your daughters started it all, when they asked daddy to let them paint his nails.  Daddy looked at his hands and thought to himself, now that's cool.

I have to be honest with you and tell you #man-polish has taken some getting use to, but times are definitely a-changing.  Women don't care about long hair on a man and neither do they care about earrings and other types of jewelry.  In places like Hawaii, India and Africa, men even where skirts, drapes, robes and dresses -- but nail polish is another thing all together....lol!

WheN your man wants to polish his nails, he has to keep those fingers manicured or there can be one additional thing to fuss about -- unless you love the messy 1/2 off, 1/2 on nail trend!  Also, you may be concerned about where he put his hands, and additional messes he could make:  polishing nails and handling those small bottles takes some getting use to.  In any case, man polish is taking off and from what I can tell, the guys are getting into more colors and the trend is not budging.

Small bottles and brushes may be difficult for men to handle, however there are great products on the market that can be helpful to you, specifically if you have to do his nails and he is not the patient type.

When Your Nail Polish Looks Good, You Feel Good.

With all of the situations in life, that you cannot control, nails is not one of them!  Choose your favorite nail tools, scrubs and moisturizers then take your time with pampering the two members of your body (your hands) that do so much for you without complaint.  

Don't have time to sit and wait for them to dry?  There are lots of options out there when it comes to quick dry nails (even camouflage) to include:

quick dry polishes

overlays, and 

UV gels.

(links above lead to the products mentioned)

Usually men's nailbeds are larger than women's, and may require the pedicure size overlays or two packs of regular nail overlays to ensure you get larger sizes to cover all of your fingers.

Learn How to Enjoy A Number of Nail Polish Colors and Designs Without Hassle or Spill.

One of the latest types of nail overlays that is made of real polish, and can be placed over your nails in minutes, has taken off in the beauty industry.  There are numerous designs to choose from, and I've included a vid so you can see how to apply it.  

A website is shown throughout the video so you know where to go to get this wonderful product, which comes in numerous colors and patterns, to include dark solids!